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In today’s competitive business landscape, optimising the performance of properties is a top priority for organisations. This is where Facility Management consultancy plays a pivotal role. With a comprehensive range of professional services, facility management consultancy enables businesses to enhance the efficiency, functionality and overall performance of their properties. From project management and construction to day-to-day operations and maintenance, these consultancy services encompass the entire spectrum of property management. By leveraging industry expertise and best practices, facility management consultancy provides businesses with the tools and strategies needed to unlock the full potential of their properties and achieve sustainable success.

Lionel Prodgers has been involved in shaping FM in the UK and internationally since its inception. He sees that there has been, and remains, a wider problem for the sector. “Does the body of FM at large have an inferiority complex? I think you can see signs of it all the way through; as a […]

There is often a misalignment between procurement departments and FM departments in corporate governance terms, where generally speaking delegated authority and budgetary control gets confused in the mix. Very often FM operates outside of corporate purchasing control. Governance can range from quite complex to near non-existent. The same is true for policies and procedures. For […]

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for contact-less solutions and social distancing applications, making intelligent space management a priority. Falling costs and an evolving workplace offering add to an intensified focus on the true value of responsive, data-driven building management tech. Bradford Keen interviews a number of FM Industry experts including our very own Nick […]

Agents4RM International Ltd has signed a collaboration agreement with FM and property consultancy firm BWA (Europe) Ltd and BWA Middle East to pool resources in the UK, Middle East, the Far East and Australasia to work on larger projects together. The alliance brings together well-known industry figures from the UK and the ME – Dr […]

That impressionable line from Col. Jessup played by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men – a drama about two U.S. Marines accused of murder – resonates with me every time I hear politicians speaking about the ‘truth’. Some years back I had an email exchange with a government minister and mentioned the now often […]

In the first of a series of features produced for FM World, industry veteran Lionel Prodgers returns to the floor of FM service delivery, this time at Mace Macro’s call centre in Camden Town. Link to PDF: Back to the Floor

In the second of a series of FM World features, industry veteran Lionel Prodgers returns to front-line FM service provision, this time with OCS at Heathrow Airport. Link to PDF: High Flyer