The following text is a reproduced article by Alex George published in the Facilities Management Middle East magazine on the 8th August 2023.

In today’s competitive business landscape, optimising the performance of properties is a top priority for organisations. This is where Facility Management consultancy plays a pivotal role. With a comprehensive range of professional services, facility management consultancy enables businesses to enhance the efficiency, functionality and overall performance of their properties. From project management and construction to day-to-day operations and maintenance, these consultancy services encompass the entire spectrum of property management. By leveraging industry expertise and best practices, facility management consultancy provides businesses with the tools and strategies needed to unlock the full potential of their properties and achieve sustainable success.

At the heart of this role is the FM consultant, whose expertise lies in evaluating and comprehending the unique challenges and requirements of each client’s property. Through meticulous analysis, the FM consultant identifies areas for improvement and devises practical and cost-effective solutions tailored to enhance operational effectiveness and streamline processes. This collaborative approach involves working closely with the organisation’s operational facility management professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs and concerns. By synergising industry knowledge, cutting-edge technologies and best practices, FM consultants craft customized strategies that align with the organisation’s goals and objectives. This integrated approach ensures that the recommendations put forth by the FM consultant are not only well-informed but also seamlessly integrated into the existing framework, facilitating a harmonious blend of operational excellence and enhanced business outcomes.

Distinguished from traditional “HardCore” facility management practices that primarily focus on operational delivery, such as security, janitorial, grounds maintenance and HVAC. FM consultants adopt a more comprehensive and forward-thinking approach, aimed at optimising the overall efficiency of facility operations. These experts strategise and offer innovative delivery options that not only enhance the operational performance of the FM department but also drive cost optimisation. By conducting design reviews and operational audits, FM consultants meticulously assess existing policies, processes and procedures, unveiling potential areas for improvement in line with the evolving needs of the FM department. This strategic assessment further leads to the development of robust facility management plans, enabling companies to proactively address operational shortfalls and identify valuable training opportunities for their FM teams.

Organisations leverage the expertise and knowledge of FM consultants to unlock the full potential of their facilities and drive operational enhancements.

Facility management consultants bring a myriad of benefits to property owners and facility managers, making their expertise invaluable in optimising facility operations:

Improved efficiency and effectiveness: One of the primary advantages of working with an FM consultant is their ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By taking a strategic, big-picture approach, consultants can identify areas for improvement, streamline processes and enhance resource utilisation. Their expertise enables them to provide tailored solutions that align with clients’ specific needs, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and overall effectiveness.

Subject Matter Experts: Access to subject matter experts is another valuable aspect of FM consultancy. Consultants possess a deep understanding of facility management best practices, industry trends and regulatory requirements. They can conduct comprehensive facility audits and assessments, offering insightful recommendations and guidance. Additionally, their project management skills ensure smooth implementation of strategies, minimising disruptions and maximising results.

Positive change: FM consultants play a crucial role in driving positive change within facility operations. They collaborate closely with facility managers to understand their unique challenges and goals. Through their expertise and experience, consultants provide innovative solutions that improve processes, enhance productivity and boost performance. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, consultants enable facilities to adapt to changing needs and remain competitive.

Strategic thinking: While facility managers often focus on day-to-day operations, consultants bring a broader perspective. They help facility managers envision long-term strategies, aligning facility operations with organisational objectives. This strategic guidance ensures that facilities are well-positioned for future growth and success.

Improved decision-making: The involvement of an FM consultant significantly enhances decision-making processes. Through detailed analyses of facilities and organisations’ needs, consultants provide comprehensive insights into potential opportunities and risks. Their unbiased and objective recommendations enable clients to make informed decisions that align with their goals, optimising outcomes and mitigating potential challenges.

Cost savings: By identifying inefficiencies, reducing waste and implementing cost-effective solutions, consultants help clients achieve significant savings in facility operations. The return on investment from their expertise often surpasses the costs associated with their services, making it a financially sound decision.

Peace of mind: Beyond financial benefits, the presence of an FM consultant provides peace of mind to property owners and facility managers. They act as trusted advisors, offering guidance, support and reassurance throughout the facility management journey. Their vast experience and industry knowledge instil confidence and ensure that facilities are in capable hands.

Impartiality: As objective third parties, FM consultants bring an unbiased perspective to facility operations. This impartiality allows them to identify blind spots, challenge assumptions, and propose innovative solutions that may not have been considered internally.


In conclusion, facility management consultancy proves to be a game-changer in the built environment. With their expertise and forward-thinking approach, facility management consultants navigate the complexities of facility management, ensuring long-term success and sustainable growth. Whether it’s streamlining processes, identifying opportunities or mitigating risks, they play a crucial role in driving operational enhancements and positioning facilities for a prosperous future.