Agents4RM International Ltd has signed a collaboration agreement with FM and property consultancy firm BWA (Europe) Ltd and BWA Middle East to pool resources in the UK, Middle East, the Far East and Australasia to work on larger projects together. The alliance brings together well-known industry figures from the UK and the ME – Dr Connel Bottom, Mike Packham, Lionel Prodgers, Martin Seward-Case and Chris Wragg – to combine an advisory resource of over 50 professionals including facilities and property management experts, surveyors, technology and engineering consultants.

Both companies have a solid footing in international markets with assignments ranging from professional training and development around world to advisory roles for government departments. Many clients are reviewing their asset management activities which require a cross-discipline approach with an increasing emphasis on technology applications and performance analytics where the combined resources of both companies will be applied.

Commenting on the new arrangement, Lionel Prodgers, Managing Director of Agents4RM said: “I’m delighted that we will work proactively together with BWA and share our knowledge and expertise for delivery into the emerging markets, as well as for long-established organisations which need to re-evaluate their current operations. We want to encourage the integration of best commercial practice with latest technologies across the whole life cycle of the built environment. This business association will strengthen our ‘responsible’ approach to asset and resources management, combining the physical activities with the digital intelligence.”

Mike Packham, Managing Director of BWA, said: “Both organisations specialise in the provision of independent lean knowledge based property and FM consultancy. It seems a logical step therefore, for the two of us to join forces to provide consultancy services which combine our respective skill-sets in asset management and technology applications to deliver solutions which both meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”