Agents4RM Wiki-Manager

Business Information Management, Access and Version Control

Our Agents4RM ‘Wiki-Manager’ is a ready designed web-based platform, multilingual, Content Management System (CMS) with a tightly integrated set of comprehensive features. Content layout is dynamic to ensure readability across all devices.


Maintain a single source of the truth to ensure information correctness.
With its “all-in-one” design, we can easily create for you all types of collaborative applications such as operating manuals, portals, knowledge bases, and more. With an enormous feature set, and a web-based, administration interface, our templates have both the features you need, and the ease-of-configuration worked out for you to manage your content and security.


The Agents4RM ‘Wiki-Manager’ is a web-based Wiki platform for managing facilities related collateral allowing the creation, publishing, and management of wiki pages to formally document items such as policies, procedures, manuals and guidelines.

Key Features

Create, manage and comment on all Wiki content, including image and file uploads.

  1. Export Wiki pages to downloadable and printable formats such as PDF.
  2. Tracking system to determine Wiki page or file updates.
  3. Managed version history allowing rollback to earlier page or file versions.
  4. Comprehensive full-text search system, including uploaded content.
  5. Unlimited categorisation and page tagging capabilities.
  6. Advanced user group and permissions management.
  7. Increased flexibility over file based systems when updates are required.
  8. Promotes a ‘single source’ rationale often lost with file based systems.

Please contact us at for a demonstration on how our Document Wiki Platform can help you organise and share your documents.