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[d_sec_heading heading=”Facility Data Collection and Reporting” subheading=”Our bi4RM app eliminates the need for paper, reduces manual input errors and empowers your organisation with a complete facility data collection solution. Instantly deploy your forms and processes to a mobile workforce and collect richer information in real-time from smart devices!”]


Data Collection for Reporting, Dashboards, Analysis, Alerts and Automation.
A complete solution to transform your paper processes into dynamic, mobile forms to save time and money. bi4RM processes encourage a proactive and more structured approach to data collection and ease of use.


Specify requirements, implement, assign to users, collect data, and report.
Formalise your survey, inspection, audit and maintenance request processes. We implement forms to suit your data collection requirements and assign them to users for data collection on mobile devices.
Collected data, images and files can then be viewed using in-app PDF reports or shared with third party systems for in-depth analysis.

Key Features

Surveys, Auditing, Snagging, Requests, Alerts, Reporting and Automation.

  1. Dynamic Forms driven by rules and logic.
  2. A complete and fully customisable mobile data capture solution.
  3. Transform paper forms into dynamic, mobile forms and reports.
  4. Customisable processes for data collection stages. tasks and distribution.
  5. Data points can be stored in the cloud or your on-site network databases for custom reporting and analysis.
  6. Enterprise System Integration.
  7. Offline data collection.
  8. PDF, Word and Excel Report outputs.
  9. Photo, video and audio capture.
  10. Ability to annotate photos, schematics and other drawings.
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Please contact us at [email protected] for a demonstration on how the bi4RM App & Processes can help your business.