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Simple Solutions for Complex Projects

As experienced FM and Property professionals ourselves, we have worked with the technology community to identify essential and relevant data from a variety of systems and sources to improve quality and value of information to your enterprise and deliver user-friendly analytics.

Don’t be left behind…

How many people can honestly say they use more than 10% of the functionality designed into Microsoft Office®? The same is true for many management systems and technologies being used in organisations today. This is an issue of complexity – it is a basic human instinct to want an easy – and immediate – solution. The vast majority of people are now conversant with messaging and communicating via emails, Internet browsing, on-line shopping and a wide range of mobile Apps, mostly without tuition. In other words, use of such systems is both instinctive and instructive.

In the built environment our tools help bridge the gap between construction, hand-over and occupation – for the whole life cycle of the asset – including the complete range of facilities services.

…get ahead

Our systems and processes meet both the enterprise objectives, and the needs of occupiers. Through our inspection and assessment tools, condition, risk and compliance are reviewed, and remedial action lists are generated to manage the improvement process. All asset and commissioning data is retained for ongoing management, monitoring and performance improvement throughout the portfolio life-cycle. This delivers significant efficiencies for your organisation and role.


The right technology is available now but knowing how to integrate and optimise it for your business is where we add value.

We provide ‘Simple Solutions for Complex Projects’.

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