Dashboards & Data Analytics

Dynamic dashboard designs for more informed analysis

There are very few businesses today that would not benefit from large data sets, but lots of people – including business executives and managers - are making decisions based on data sets alone, without understanding the nuances in its creation.


We are awash with data – both useful and time wasting.
We are all aware of the growth in analytics available at the tap on a screen, or calling out to Siri or Alexa – ranging from how many steps we have taken today to the lyrics of a song we can’t quite remember from the 80’s.

‘Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?’ T.S. Eliot.


We can configure and implement dynamic dashboards using cutting edge technologies and your data. Our dashboard designs produce timely and relevant data without unwanted noise. This aids understanding and visualisation to empower you to make meaningful decisions and manage risk.

Key Features

Interactive data charts, tables, maps and info-graphics help you to better comprehend, monitor and improve both your performance and the performance of the built asset.

We can help you:

  1. Transform your data into interactive and feature rich visuals.
  2. Connect multiple data sources into consolidated data models. Sources may include remote sensor capture and approved third-party system data.
  3. Simplify complex data so dashboard users can analyse and explore data, then deliver insights as required across devices and use cases.
  4. Design user interfaces and AI-powered augmented analytics enabling automatic and ad-hoc insight discovery with no specialised training.
  5. Share dashboards with key stakeholders to ensure early remedy of problem areas.

Please contact us at info@agents4rm.com for a demonstration on how our dashboard designs and data analytics can help your business.

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