Facilities, Property and Asset Management

Agents4RM champions Responsible Management as a means to enhance business support services through long-term, sustainable improvement strategies, adding value to your enterprise and improving the well-being of your employees and customers.

Our focus

Agents4RM specialises in facility management, property and asset management, procurement, business support services and the optimisation of resources.
We combine a deep knowledge of support service management, international experience and management tools spanning technology solutions and analytics.

Our approach

We look beyond the traditional approaches to property, asset and facility management by considering the whole life-cycle & cost-in-use of assets, the interaction of resources and the application of knowledge and information. We know that when these facets of an enterprise are aligned and calibrated, all forms of business support services can be truly optimised.

Our objectives

Our approach to every assignment involves:


Strategically | Tactically | Operationally


Assets | Resources | Knowledge


People | Place | Process


Value | Experience | Solutions

Our experience

Our consultants have delivered projects in many countries and across an extensive variety of industries and sectors, including: education, transport, infrastructure, data centres, manufacturing and distribution, retail, high end residential, energy, cultural and sporting centres, IT software development, media and healthcare.

Please contact us at for an informal discussion on how we can help optimise your business and facilities.

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